12 volt DC transformers for LED lighting and electronics.

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A range of 12v DC low voltage transformers suitable for LED lighting and other electronics that require a 12 v DC input. DC transformers should always only be loaded up to 80% of the listed maximum output. Installation is required to be carried out by a licensed electrician. Standard 2 year replacement warranty on the transformers listed*. 

All transformers listed below are IP20 only and are only suitable for installations in dry areas, unless it can be installed in a suitable weatherproof box.

These small transformers are also great for retrofitting old fittings to go to LED. Of course, all modifications to fittings should be carried out by a licensed electrician. 

These transformers have full SAA approvals to be sold in Australia. 

All goods shipped from Brisbane. 


Transformer  Input Output Size Dimmable Includes junction box Includes flex and plug
4.2 Watt 240v AC 4.2 watt 42 x 43 x22mm No Yes No
8.4 Watt  240v AC 8.4 watt 65 x 35 x 22mm No Yes No
12 Watt 240v AC 12 watt 85 x 40 x 22mm No No No