optotronic intelligent oti dali 15 oti dali 35 220-240 1a0 lt2

Optotronic Intelligent OTi DALI constant current driver

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DALI dimmable compatible Osram Optotronic intelligent OTi constant current drivers, available in either 15 watt or 35 watt options. Supports High-quality dimming of 1…100 % by amplitude dimming. Drives are supplied with authentic Optotronic cable clamp system for your convenience. Supplied as hardwire style only, this driver requires a licensed electrician to install. 

Please note, by design these drivers have a resistor installed at time of shipping to set the current. Ensure you select the correct variant to avoid damage to your LED product. If you are unsure please consult with the sales team by emailing sales@plsa.net.au. If you require a current other than what is specified here, please contact us and we can accommodate for custom current settings. 

Refer to below specifications for each one:

15w specification (OTi Dali 15/220-240/1A0 LT2) 
Rated Power: 18 Watt
Output current range: 150-1050mA (set at time of shipping) 
Output voltage range:. 7.5-54v DC (max 60v)
Input: 220-240v AC
Operating Temperature: -20° -  50°C
Dimming standard: DALI 
Dimensions: 120 x 53 x 30mm

35w specification (OTi Dali 35/220-240/1A0 LT2) 
Rated Power: 35 Watt 
Output current range: 350-1050mA (set at time of shipping) 
Output voltage range:. 15-54v DC (max 60v)
Input: 220-240v AC
Operating Temperature: -20° -  50°C
Dimming standard: DALI
Dimensions: 139 x 67 x 30mm