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RGB controller kit for RGB strip light (SR-1029 / SR-2839)

$69.00 $90.00

LED RGB controller kit suitable for RGB strip light. Consists of SR-1029 receiver and SR-2839 controller. Suitable for 12v DC or 24v DC strip light. This kit works using radio frequency, and one SR-2839 can control multiple SR-1029 receivers without line of sight (however overall range and strength of signal may be affected). Colour wheel of controller allows easy selection of colours, as well as in-built dimming to allow dimming of strip. Also features in-built play modes to allow for fade, flash, strobe modes which can also have the speed adjusted. 

AAA batteries required, not supplied. 

Each kit is tested in our workshop prior to dispatch. 

Strip and Transformers are sold separately. 

The receiver is IP20 only and must be kept in a well ventilated, dry area. 

SR-1029 specification:

Input: 12 or 24v DC 
Output: 3 channels x 5A max 
Dimming: Controlled by remote
Communication method: Radio Frequency
Warranty: 2 year

Please note final product may differ slightly from illustrations.

Pairing instructions: 

1. Do wiring according to connection diagram
2. Learning (matching)
a. Do wiring according to connection diagram
b. Wake up the remote control by touching ON/OFF button.
c. Press learning button on receiver.
d. Touch control wheel .
e. Connected LED light will blink to confirm matching successfully.
f. Press learning button on receiver over 5 seconds until LED light flash, then delete the learned ID.

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