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10 watt high power mr16 standard size ledmr1610wwwl ledmr1610wnwl ledmr1610wcwl

10 watt - MR16 LED - non dimmable retrofit lamp

$18.99 $39.99

This non-dimmable 10 watt lamp is powered by a high power 8 chip design - it has been produced to specifically work with Osram 60va (60 watt) transformers (it is also compatible with 12v AC* and DC systems)

The 10 watt output offers a bright 800 lumen output in Day white, 700 lumen in warm white, 700 lumen in Cool White - you can be assured this will live up to the performance of old school 50 watt halogens. 60 degree lens ensures a nice, bright coverage area for areas such as living room, caravan, study. 

Reviewed very favourably by Australia Whirlpool Forums member Ratsacker. See this thread for more information. 

Wattage: 10W
Brand: BLTC
Input: Traditional 12V AC, 12v DC or Osram 60va transformers)
Lumen Output: 700lm (WW) & 800lm (CW)
Beam Angle:  60 Degree
Dimmable: No
Encloseable: Yes
Colour Temperature: 5700K(DW) , 3000K(WW) , 40000K (Cool White) 


*when using lamp with AC systems - consult your electrician on suitable loads for this type of transformer or you may risk damaging your lamp.

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