10 watt - MR16 LED - non dimmable retrofit lamp

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This non-dimmable 10 watt lamp is powered by a high power 8 chip design - it has been produced to specifically work with Osram 60va (60 watt Redback)/ Osram 40v (40w Redback) transformers (it is also compatible with 12v AC* and DC systems)

The 10 watt output offers a bright 800 lumen output in Day white, 700 lumen in warm white, 700 lumen in Cool White - you can be assured this will live up to the performance of old school 50 watt halogens. 60 degree lens ensures a nice, bright coverage area for areas such as living room, caravan, study. 

Reviewed very favourably by Australia Whirlpool Forums member Ratsacker. See this thread for more information. 

Wattage: 10W
Brand: BLTC
Input: Traditional 12V AC ironcore or  12v DC or Osram 60va transformers)
Lumen Output: 700lm (WW) & 800lm (CW)
Beam Angle:  Standard 60 Degree (25 degree also available)
Dimmable: No
Encloseable: Yes
Colour Temperature: 5700K(DW) , 3000K(WW) , 40000K (Cool White) , 2700K(XWW)


*when using lamp with AC systems - consult your electrician on suitable loads for this type of transformer or you may risk damaging your lamp. Some 12v AC Ironcore transformers can output MORE than 12v when not loaded to capacity, causing premature failure of lamp. Do not use with other Electronic transformers other than Osram Redback 40 or 60va or you will damage lamp.