Cabinet & Display Case Micro Track Kit

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Offering a unique design and approach to the idea of cabinet and display case lighting, we're proud to provide this micro track light system as a boutique LED solution for those looking for something more advanced than strip light or traditional cabinet light designs. The native low voltage design allows for anyone to safely and easily move and adjust the heads as needed. This system can also be scaled up and down. 

This product is non-dimmable. 

Supplied in the kit:

- Three watt heads (quantity depending on kit chosen) available as with an 8 degree narrow beam (300 lumen) or 36 degree wide beam (250 lumen) 

- 1 x 1m track (can be cut down easily and safely)

- 1 x 12w transformer, as pictured. (Will require an electrician to install)

- 1 x Endcap