dimmable transformer for strip light brisbane australia 12vdc or 24vdc

IP66 Phase cut dimmable transformers for strip light with plug

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Phase Cut Dimmable Transformers to suit dimmable strip light. Compatible with most leading edge and trailing edge dimmers including the MEDM Diginet dimmers. Minimum load is 10%. We strongly suggest to leave at least 20% of the rated capacity as headroom to allow for fluctuations such as input voltage, or increased draw from fittings as they heat up. Keep the transformer in a well ventilated area. Comes with 2 pin plug for easy installation assuming you have a plug top 413 or GPO available. Ensure all cable junctions/terminations are completed with suitable waterproof seals. 

Picture for illustration only, end product may slightly differ.

Wattage: Options of 100 Watt, 200 Watt, 300 Watt (choose from dropdown box)
Minimum load: Suggested to be at least 10% 
Maximum load: Allow approximately 20% of rated wattage for fluctuations. 
Power factor: >0.95 
Input: 240v DC
Output: 12 or 24 v DC  Constant Voltage(choose from dropdown box)
Dimmable: Compatible with most trailing edge and leading edge options on the market including Clipsal CBUS Leading Edge. Actual dimming range and performance will differ depending on dimmer use and strip used. Ensure strip is dimmable. 
100w - 230 x 70 x 43mm
200w - 256 x 78 x 47mm
360w  - 276 x 78 x 47mm
Warranty: 2 years