Mini Square, Wall or Step light, for internal use

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Attractive and functional recessed fitting suitable for either internal well or step light usage. Available in three styles: plain face, louvred face, and ribbed face. 

Features magnetic mounted face. Not suitable for corrosive environments such as seaside or near rivers. 

Please note this is sold as fitting only, and requires a suitable size/shape G4 bipin and a suitable power supply. 

Please note as at 30/4/20 - the Louvred face option is ONLY available in White. Pictured is silver, which has been discontinued. 

Overall size: 68 x 68 x 32mm 
Cutout: 57 x 57 mm   (fitting should be used to confirm cutout) 
IP rating: 00 (internal use only) 
Notes: No lamp or transformer included