Premium 10 Watt Extra Warm (2200K) E27 Dimmable lamps

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Looking to re-create that classic incandescent bulb look but with LED? Want to re-create a cozy, attractive environment? You've probably seen the early filament style lamps that were prone to blowing with very low output -  Now with recent developments in C.o.G (Chip on Glass) LED technology we are able to offer a product that recreates the classic warm light and look of  incandescent but with the pros of LED including: reliability, power efficiency and dimming. Perfect for pendants, lamps and more.


● Hand-blown glass combined with amber lighting to create a warm cozy atmosphere.
● Consistent with the traditional shape
● Fine welding
● Transparent glass cover
● High-quality filament LED
● Nickel-plated base type


Wattage: 10 Watt
Lumen: 800 Lumen
Colour Temperature: 2200K Extra Warm White (Rich Amber)
Size: A60  (60 x 112) - G95 (95 x129)mm 
Dimmable: Suggester dimmer available for purchase here 
Warranty: 2 years
Encloseable: No

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