gu10 single circuit barrel track fitting

Single circuit GU10 slimline barrel track fitting

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Modern, slimline design barrel single circuit track fitting features a 355 degree rotation, 150 degree tilt. Accepts standard sized GU10's. Please email us if unsure about compatibility.

Recommended dimmer is our dimmer if using our lamps. 

Compatible track: Single circuit track (also known as 3 wire) such as those from Crompton, Sunny, Beacon and Brightgreen.
Input: 240v AC
Spot light Shaft : 145(L) x 55(D) mm
Available colours*: White, Black, Silver 

*Please note due to manufacturing methods, the colour of the track adapter and barrel may be slightly different colours. 

Notes regarding dimming: Warranty does not cover issues arising from performance stability of dimming and range of dimming. The performance of diming with phase dimming is totally dependant on the mains power to the property the fitting is installed in. Dirty power/ ripple/ etc can and will affect dimming. If dimming performance is critical, we do NOT recommend phase dimming and instead would suggest consulting an electrician for 1-10 or DALI dimming options instead



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