slimline white conversion plate for 90mm cutout downlight

Slimline Conversion Plate for 90mm cutout downlights - 158mm diameter

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This slimline white conversion plate to suit 90mm cutout downlights has been specifically designed to cover up to 158mm holes.

Downlights can come in all varying sizes despite having a '90-92mm' cutout - trim sizes can vary. While your downlight will fit in the downlight hole, if the overall diameter of the face is bigger than the prescribed 113mm, it may not sit flush. Compare your existing holes and downlight you plan to use with the measurements below. If you're not sure please email where our friendly staff will confirm if this product will suit. 


Cutout of downlight to go into plate: 95mm

Size of downlight trim that fits (measure the overall diameter of your downlight) : UP TO 113MM  (bigger than this may not sit flush)

Minimum hole that can be covered : 125mm

Maximum hole that can be covered: 145mm

Plate overall size: 158mm