suspension kit ext-wire/t ext-wire kit track suspend 3m 6m

Wire Suspension Kit to Suit Single Circuit and Three Circuit Track

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Wire suspension kit available in either 3m or 6m lengths. Easily can be trimmed to length required by adjusting grub screw (allen key required, not included). Suitable for our range of track but could be adapted to suit others - holes may need to be drilled for ideal placement/ allow mounting of the anchor piece.

Note: These kits are sold per wire, which is enough for ONE point of suspension. For a 2m track you will need a minimum of two of these kits. For a 3m track you could use 2 or 3 depending on weight of fittings and track. 

- Secure Brass thread to roof with screw provided (or toggle screw of your own supply) .  
- Secure the ceiling thread to brass thread. 
- Undo screw/washer assembly on anchor piece, line up anchor on back of track, and use screw and washer from the front of track to secure the anchor point. (Holes may need to be drilled, depending on track).
- Undo grub screw, and feed cable through to the anchor piece. 
- Lock in the grub screw and trim the cable as required.