Introduction to Trapeze lighting

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trapeze lighting setup australia


TTrapeze lighting is a form of alternative lighting that has been around for many years but is still highly sought after for its classic timeless design. Great for patios, office areas, dining rooms and more. Taking standard MR16 style lamps, LED technology now allows different colours, beam angles and brightness for all sorts of lighting scenarios. 

Minimum components needed for one run for trapeze:

Trapeze Cable

Determine the length per run, two wires per run plus the lead length to connect to transformer.


Standard run requires 4 turnbuckles, but in short runs (within 5m) 2 turnbuckles may be replaced by 2 fixed ends or adjustable ends

Transformer: Calculate power required according to watts and number of lamps used. Determine if to be surface mount or remote (hidden). Normal electronic transformers may not be suitable for Trapeze. 

To maintain a straight level run, a pair of standoffs are required every 1.5m.

Insulated Joiner/Tensioner:

When a run becomes too long to a power connection, splitting the run into two isolated power supplies is necessary.


Check out our range of fixtures, our Tilt action fixture is the hottest selling of the range. 

Supporting accessories:

Refer to catalogue for individual needs.


MR16's are usually used for trapeze. LED technology allows you a massive range of choice including different colour temperatures, colours, brightness and beam angles. .


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